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Here you'll find answers to driveway gate repair and maintenance related questions that many home and business owners tend to ask.

How is a mechanical linear arm operator different from a hydraulic opener?

Mechanical linear arm operators are distinctive for their bumper style jack operation. They employ a jack screw that is basically a long threaded rod that spins and moves a nut-like device attached to the gate. In general, they are less expensive compared to their hydraulic counterparts. A hydraulic opener uses, as its name suggests, a type of liquid lubricant in order to serve as somewhat of a shock absorber that ensures the gate's movement is steady and not too fast while closing, to avoid accidents

Why is the manual release cord such a vital part of the gate opener?

It's not only frustrating to be unable to enter or exit your property when the power is out, it might also become dangerous during emergencies. The manual release mechanism will allow you to disengage the automatic opener and to physically move the gate yourself, thus allowing you to open or close without relying on electricity.

My automatic gate got stuck. What should I do?

If your gate isn’t moving, first make sure you’ve tried every control system; oftentimes, the problem is just with the control panel or the remote. Next, look for obvious obstructions or visible damage. If you urgently need to get the gate open, use the manual release and see if you can open it by hand, but if that doesn’t work either don’t try to force it open. Regardless of whether the manual release works, you should call for professional help immediately.

What are the different types of intercom systems?

Wired intercoms use either something similar to a phone cable, or a simpler and lower-quality carrier current that uses your preexisting electrical wiring. Wireless intercoms, as the name implies, use radio signals to allow you to communicate with visitors. An entry intercom system (the "buzz me in" kind) integrates a remote control into the intercom hub, so you can talk to the caller and let them in from the same control panel. These integrated systems can include video communication as well, if you decide audio communication isn't enough.


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