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Read the following tips for some practical ideas about various driveway gate maintenance and ownership related topics.

Choose materials according to needs and purpose

The gate you choose for your house is probably going to be different than the one you choose for your store, or for some other residential or commercial properties. For residential use, you'll probably want to go with classic wood or an ornate wrought iron gate that slides or swings. However, your storefront gate should be of the roll up variety, preferably made of galvanized steel that provides excellent security for those times when you're away.

Use the right lubrication

When lubricating swing gate hinges or other moving metal parts of other types of gates, the sliding wheels for example, be sure to only use the right substance. Avoid grease or motor oil. The recommended lubricant is silicon-based spray. Other substances tend to collect dust and dirt that only result in blockages and cause problems later on.

Get your automatic gate serviced at least once a year

Regular maintenance is very important when it comes to an electric gate. In order to keep your system in proper working order and to extend its lifespan we suggest having a professional technician inspect your gate once every 12 months or so. While you can perform minor maintenance work yourself, an expert will be able to find and fix all sorts of minor problems that can potentially become more serious over time. This is the key to a long service life.

If your gate won't open do this first

If you're having some issues getting your driveway gate to open, there are a few things you can do before you call an expert. The very first one should be – checking the remote control batteries. More often than not, people neglect to do this and end up wasting half an hour trying to figure out what's wrong with their system. Once you rule the batteries out as a potential cause, make sure the gate opener hasn't sustained any visible physical damage. The problem can be the result of anything from detached electrical wires to physical damage to the hardware parts, so it's better to have a professional troubleshoot the system for you.


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